Nordic Gravity Energy Storage Technology Oy - NGEST

Pioneer in energy storage.
Gravity batteries for balancing power generation.

Pioneer in energy storage

The energy storage system developed by NGEST stores electricity as potential energy by liftingmass modules from the lower storage to the top storage. The stored energy can be returned backto electricity with up to 80% efficiency by lowering the masses back to the sub-storage.

The need for energy storage in Europe will increase considerably in the coming years and decades as electricity production increasingly shifts to renewable energy sources. The electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels depends on the prevailing weather conditions. Energy storage is one of the most sensible solutions for balancing electricity production and consumption.

The energy storage system we have developed is ideally suited for open pit mines and mountain slopes, and installation is also possible in other places with elevation differences. The advantagesof our gravity battery over other storage systems include its scalability and environmental friendliness.

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About us

We are a Finnish energy storage start-up company that aims to launch a new kind of energystorage system. Thanks to our patented technology, we can energy-efficiently convert electricity into potential energy and potential energy back into electricity. Our first pilot equipment has been built in China and the next one will be built in the Pyhäjärvi mining area in Finland during 2024 and 2025. From 2025, we will be ready to supply gravity batteries to our customers in Europe.

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